Your home is your story. The place you live, which describes your life, your feelings, your mood... or what you want to be.

You will feel well, if your surrounding inspires you, makes you relax, and gives a shelter from running time. If your home is in harmony with your soul, you will feel wonderful.

We give you an idea.

We provide beautiful textiles, which will make your interior beautiful, and cozy. You select and make up your mind. We inspire with some thoughts how to harmonize your window and furniture, how to give it a little spice and fresh breeze. Let your ideas inspire you and create a wonderful interior around you.

Find your style!

We give ideas in more variation. Check the designs, our photos and thoughts to each story. Try to empathize, if you find a match that will be your story. If a design grabs you, don't let it go. Stick to it and dress it up.

Dress up your rooms!

You will see how much fun you will have by playing with designs and colors. Each item can change the whole surrounding around you. Don't be afraid of colors and structures. You can create beautiful combinations by putting together different items.

Find one idea to match!

Find a color or a design element which will follow up in the whole story of your interior. You can create spaces which match, however still different. Use the design elements to grab attention and put matching plains in combination.

Don't forget the pillows!

Little accessories give the fine details. Put the jewelry where it needs to be. Everyone will love it!

Be proud of what you created!

InteriArt® fabriculous inspirations

Beat Celebrity Color on Canvas Daydream Desert Wonders Future Garden of Eden Gelato Gentle Hightech Imperial Innovation Land of Ice and Fire Minimalism Mystic Nature Rhythm Romance Rusztik Seaside Silk Special Weaves Summer Blossom Symbol Tuscan Summer Urban moods

InteriArt® technological inspirations

Empire 25mm Hellas 19mm Decolino Elegante Motivo