The Mediterranean feeling that touches your senses

You feel the warm breeze on your face; your fingers touch the velvety, soft fabrics; your feet feel the cold stone floors and your eyes relax in the waves of the sea.
Your interior has rustic design elements combined with durable organic materials as limestone, terracotta tiles and wood. Heavy fabrics protect you from the sun and give the soft comfort of your home.
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InteriArt® fabriculous inspirations

Adventures Andalucia Beat Celebrity Coffee House Color on Canvas Daydream Desert Wonders Dynamics Fruit Garden Future Garden of Eden Gelato Gentle Hightech Imperial Innovation Land of Ice and Fire Leisure Lovely weekend Luxury Metropolitan Mineral Mine Minimalism Mystic Nature Opacity Passion Rhythm Rising Sun Romance Rusztik Seaside Silk Special Weaves Summer Blossom Symbol Tuscan Summer Urban moods

InteriArt® technological inspirations

Empire 25mm Hellas 19mm Decolino Elegante